Excuse me!

I’ve had this idea for a while, but I keep finding excuses not to do it.

I’m tired of not treading my own path. But I’m still being held back. By no one else but me. I continue to come up with excuses. The latest? I need to watch another episode of House of Cards tonight because our free Netflix trial is about to expire.

Excuses. Just excuses.

The idea probably isn’t even good. It’s just something I know is would love to do. Want to know what it is? Too bad. I’m too scared to tell you. Too scared of what others would think. Too scared to put it out there. But…then I am reminded of something Jeff Goins said.

You’re not that special.

Truth. Hurts.

I am not that special. Given that maybe one person at most might read this post is a clear indication of that (Hi Mum!).

This idea, it’s not revolutionary, it’s not special and it’s probably been thought of a thousand times before.

But I’m tired of waiting. Tired of making excuses. Tired of saying I want to do my own thing, something I believe in! But never doing anything about it.

Tonight, that stops. Here goes…

I want to create a website that combines sport and comedy. I love sport and I love laughing. It’s only going to be sport I like — football, basketball and Formula 1.

I want to have a weekly podcast for each of those sports along with other one-off podcasts.

Then I want to host special events for the fans of the site. All while laughing along the way.

Then I want to make money from it.


Can I write? Not yet.

Can I host a podcast? Not yet.

Can I do the work required? No evidence so far.

At least I got it out there. Who knows if it’ll happen. Time to get started…

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