FFA hints at delaying release of expansion blueprint

David Davutovic in the Herald Sun:

FFA chief executive David Gallop also declared that Australia’s national teams shared equal priority with the A-League, as FFA battles to satisfy its many assets.

Then it’s time for an independent A-League. It’s not hard to see the FFA have too much on their plate, and they are handling things poorly as a result.

Asked for an update on the expansion blueprint, the FFA were coy on a release date.

“Everyone wants expansion but the simple fact is that if it is not commercially viable it will fail,’’ Gallop said via a statement.

“FFA will have more to say on this in the coming weeks after engaging with external experts and consulting with the clubs, member federations and other stakeholders.

“With the certainty provided by the new broadcast deal, FFA has been analysing the commercial position of the sport to determine both the feasibility of A-League and W-League expansion and the process to determine where and when expansion should occur.’’

The real question is: why has it taken this many years to determine what a commercially viable A-League club is? If actioned earlier, surely the newly negotiated TV deal would provide a boon for such clubs, rather than reason to now take a serious look at expansion.

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