Victorian clubs plan revolt

Michael Lynch in The Sydney Morning Herald:

“Once we have formulated our approach here, we will be talking to clubs who feel the same way in NSW, Queensland and South Australia to establish a national body of like-minded clubs,” a spokesman for the group said.

Their ultimate aim is to try and force a restructure of the game once more, so that there is a genuine national second division in which ambitious clubs could compete and win promotion to the top tier – and face relegation if they failed when they pitched in against the big boys.

It could take a threatened breakaway in this vain to actually spark genuine action like the professional movement in rugby union, World Series Cricket or the FISA-FOCA war in Formula 1.

“The A-League was a game-changer when it started, but it is stagnating now and is sucking up all the money in the game. The FFA has admitted that clubs here are not like clubs in the traditional heartlands of the game, they have acknowledged that as private businesses the FFA is focused on providing the A-League teams with the opportunities to maximise revenues and make money.

“We feel too much emphasis is on that and not enough on grassroots football, building the infrastructure of the game beyond the top level and developing young players and giving them the opportunity to play at the highest level with more clubs.

The political infighting and lack of leadership is destroying the hopes of young players and stagnating the growth of what is the most participated sport in Australia.

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